Unlock Your Body's True Potential. Feel Better Today! Experience The Power of PEMF Aligned With NASA Research.


HOLOS - The ONLY frequency wearable that is personalized, 100% automatic, and fully aligned with NASA Multi-Million Dollar PEMF Health Research.

Offers 3 Levels of Personalized Whole Mind-Body Wellness Support

Hear From a HOLOS Customer ...

“From the second I put the Gen 3 on, I felt a difference. The first tangible difference I noticed was later on that same day, I went home and cleaned my house for the first time in months. Since that day, the Gen3 HOLOS Balance Plus has not left my neck. I use the boosts while flying, working out, for recovery, to help me sleep, decrease inflammation in my body, the list goes on and on. 

I have been using the 9-week PTSD/Depression automatic program cycle, and I can say definitely that my mood and mindsets have changed in that period. Even when I take it off, I still notice the permanence of those shifts inside myself. I will be a RedHealth user for life!”

Dr. Grant Smith, DC | Owner of Colorado Concierge Chiropractic