RedHealth Wear PEMF Devices 

How Do They Work? 

A Deeper Dive

Harmonizing and Realigning the Energy System For Whole Mind-Body Balance

When we harmonize and realign our energy system our body and mind will naturally follow. We can get to the root of imbalances at the highest level, our energetic system.  When alignment of energy becomes disrupted by stress, trauma, and toxins our systems lose their ‘harmonic resonance’ and our wellness and well being suffer through all kinds of emotional, mental and physical manifestations.  When we ‘tune’ our energy system back to it’s blueprint, it can regain proper alignment and harmony and we can begin adapting to the stresses put upon our system much better and in turn enjoy our life much more! 

RedHealth Wear SMART, wearable PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) and proprietary adaptive resonant energy devices support harmonization of the whole body and mind as well as focused areas of the body.  Health and well being is not just about fixing symptoms, it’s about resolving root causes of those symptoms, within which the energy system is foundational. 

Stress is well-known to be the most degenerative factor in the body. When stress is low we feel better and are able to adapt to all of life’s events more easily. Stress can be emotional, physical or mental and includes lack of quality sleep, trauma, environmental, dietary and or relational toxins. Many symptoms can manifest from these sources of stress as a result of whole body and mind imbalance. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, moodiness, sleep problems, pain and discomfort can all manifest and the list of symptoms goes on. 

According to energy medicine research our mind is stored in our matrix, or connective tissue throughout the entire body. Restoring energy and balance in the many areas of our body and mind is a key factor in remaining resilient to all stress and allowing our bodies to innately resolve many symptoms of imbalance over time. By restoring balance to the connective tissue through RedHealth Wear's two powerful and synergistic energy technologies, emotions are supported and our body’s can begin to integrate them, whereby we can heal and become whole again. 

We all have vital, well-known elements that are critical for our health and overall well being which include food, water, sunlight and oxygen. What has become known more recently is that we also require the perfect balance of electricity and magnetism in our energy system. We are wrapped in electromagnetic fields and are connected to the Earth’s and the Ionosphere’s electromagnetic fields. The revolutionary, first-ever, SMART PEMF and proprietary, adaptive resonant energy of RedHealth Wear offer powerful support to your energetic balance and self-healing potentials by interacting with your body's innate arrays of electromagnetic fields. 

This energetic interaction helps your whole body and mind stay stronger in the midst of a very stressful world that is full of environmental toxins of many natures. Through this interaction of many electromagnetic fields between the RedHealth devices and our body's energy system, many complex regulatory and adaptive mechanisms and biological rhythms of the body, which are regulated at the energetic level, are supported, as they innately run 24/7. This process aids the whole body and mind or focused areas, depending on the device model, helping us find balance. Over time our energy system is able to realign and we are able to find a new harmony and rhythm in our body and begin to feel better and enjoy our life much more. 

When our whole body and mind or focused areas of our system are supported with these healthy energy frequencies, the body innately responds through a process called ‘entrainment’ and is able to regulate and adapt to the stresses put up on it much better over time. RedHealth SMART PEMF, diet, hydration, movement/breath/meditation and loving, healthy relationships can all be key facets of maintaining the strength and balance in your body and mind. In turn, your system is able to stay resilient to stress and thereby adapt and regulate all it’s systems more optimally.

Symptoms are signs of stress and imbalance in areas of our whole body and mind. We can target those symptoms or we can address the root causes. A healthy energy system is perfectly aligned with nature, in accordance with the laws of global scaling, the natural energy scales of nature and the universe, which are also incorporated in the RedHealth technology. Our energy systems are made up of many individual energy fields, that together, make up of arrays of energy patterns, creating a complex energy 'matrix'. Every structure in the body has an energy field and these fields surround our cells, tissues, bones, organs, muscles, nerves, brain and more. All these energy fields and the matrix of energy patterns they create govern energy and communication in the body. 

The quality of energy and communication within the body is paramount to health and wellbeing. To work properly these energy fields must be aligned. Within this critical energy alignment ‘space resonance’ is the key factor.  Space resonance refers to the shape and alignment of the spaces between all these energy fields and the matrix of patterns they create. Many different stressors in our lives and environment can create distortions in these energy patterns and their space resonance. 

These energy distortions, if left uncorrected, can manifest into many symptoms in our body and mind such as poor sleep, low energy, low mood, anxiety, depression, pain and discomfort, low immunity and much more. This matrix of energy can be restored to it's proper alignment and balance through modalities that support healthy energy resonance within the body. Key modalities that have been shown to be very effective are RED (Resonant Energy Devices) Health, PEMF and Adaptive Resonant Energy (PCAR) devices, due to their ability to 'entrain' the energy system, whereby the body receives healthy energy patterns, resonates with them, and learns, i.e. entrains, to realign, naturally. When the energy system is able to realign and find balance, the body and mind naturally follow this alignment. 

RedHealth Wear devices have links to Chinese Acupuncture theory, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as an effective means for treating many health states or more precisely helping people stay healthy. The concepts behind it are entirely alien to Western medical theory and really do not fit with that model to any extent. However, that does not make either model correct or incorrect - they merely reflect different viewing points of the enormously complex and multifaceted nature of the human body and mind. 

In essence, RedHealth Wear SMART energy devices support our energy and communication system coming back 'online' and the many biological rhythms in the body, governed by this energy system, begin to regulate and adapt to all the daily stressors put upon them much better. When our energy system is properly aligned and in balance, optimum vitality and longevity are naturally experienced. Over time, as we tap into our energy potentials, symptoms of imbalance can resolve and we can express ourselves more fully, align with our true purpose and create the life we want. 

Biological Cycles and Healing

In many ways the process of ‘healing’ is restoring coherence and congruence to natural biological rhythmically sequenced patterns and the series of transformational processes involved in maintaining the body in a life giving state. There is a constant ebb and flow to life process, nothing stands still and nothing happens in a completely regular way and yet supreme levels of order exist within this flowing sea of activity. 

There is no limit to where the mind can go in space, time and imagination and the billions of processes happening within the body holistically interconnecting at an almost instantaneous level with minimal energy involvement. In many ways we are more a quantum computer than a digital mechanistic type of being. What is hard to appreciate is the sheer quantity of cycles happening at any one time, billions of them, to form and maintain the body and all the interactions at a holistic level (for the better of the whole). 

The cycles can take anything from many days to complete to a few hundred times a second to light frequency at many billions of time a second to atomic frequencies billions of times faster than the frequency of light. And all these frequencies of the physical, electromagnetic, energy, charge, force, gravity and mental/mind levels interact with each other. 

Beneficial Effects of RedHealth Wear PEMF Technology

There is little question, as many studies have indicated, that applying suitable pulsed electromagnetic fields to the body can have many beneficial effects. Bryant A. Meyers book: PEMF the 5th Element of Health does a good job of explaining why this should be and the RedHealth Wear devices take full advantage of this. 

Where the RedHealth devices go further is by adding a targeted action to the PEMF aspect. Within the devices is a mechanism for generating interference patterns of a fractal nature. These adaptive resonant energy patterns have been specifically developed to ‘resonate’ with rhythmical fractal patterns within the body/mind system through the principles of Phase Conjugate Adaptive Resonance (PCAR). This interaction process provides markers for the natural rhythmical patterns in the body to adjust through Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) principles. 

The ART concept includes the idea of ‘plasticity’ to learning, that is to say the living being does not react in full to new information but it integrates it with existing knowledge and makes a measured response. There is inertia to the learning experience. Essentially the mechanisms of adaptation and regulation will naturally find a preferred state of being for any situation the living being finds itself in and these mechanisms are sensitive to a whole rage of factors beyond the conventional idea of ‘sensing’;  They include quantum level interactions including the concept of the quantum hologram and field control systems. This approach then provides a means for the adaptation and regulation process to re harmonize disturbed rhythmical patterns that are inhibiting the natural ‘healing’ process.

The World of Quantum 

To really understand the nature of the concepts behind the PEMF and PCAR technology of RedHealth Wear it is necessary to visit the world of quantum. Quantum as a word means the ‘smallest discrete amount possible’.

A New Experience of Flavor

Coffee tastes have changed so much that I remember around 2012, introducing a much more acidic coffee into our blend thinking we were going to lead customers into a new experience of flavour, only to be dismayed on day one with customer’s dissatisfaction with a fruitier and more flavourful coffee. Coffee is after all the seed of a fruit. From then on, we began to work at a gradual pace, turning up the brightness a little, season after season. Today we can proudly craft a coffee with notes of lemon meringue, strawberry or passionfruit and find people on all sides of the counter are learning and developing their pallets.