Boosts & Acupoints 

for Pain, Discomfort, and Recovery

Enhancing Effectiveness with Acupoints

This section offers suggestions for enhancing the effectiveness of the user-activated, manual boost programs by utilizing acupoints. In the diagrams, acupoint locations are shown as red circles with a name beside them. For example ‘ST-36’: The first two letters are an abbreviation for the meridian (ST = Stomach) and the number identifies the specific point on the meridian. All notes against acupoints are Traditional Chinese Medicine associations and not necessarily medically proven.  No claims are made, only suggestions for using the device for personal and trial purposes. If you have a medical complaint, always seek the advice of a professional medical provider.

Place the device with the yellow, central activation light over and facing the general location of the acupoint. Due to the broad-spectrum output of the device, approximately 12 inches, it only needs to be placed in the general location of an acupoint for effective action. From a practical and therapeutic perspective most people find that one or two points work best for them and they stick with those. Other people find they don’t need to use acupoints and benefit from just having the device generally on their body.

Suggestions for Using the ‘Ease’ STD or ADV boosts, and secondary boosts of Inflammation, Tissue Repair and or Perform-Recover Boost Programs

The manual, user-activated boost programs of Ease Std or Ease Adv can be used in multiple situations where there is pain or discomfort and or trauma damage for both mind and body support. Ease is a combination program that contains support for pain, inflammation, tissue repair, calming of the mind and trauma/shock release.

Inflammation, Tissue Repair and Perform-Recover boosts can also be used as synergistic and supplementary boosts designed specifically for inflammation, tissue/skin injuries, surgery, or any kind of recovery alongside the support for pain and or trauma damage of Ease. 

Arthritic pain

There are in the region of 200 types of arthritis broadly divided into inflammatory, non-inflammatory and connective tissue disease. Use EASE directly over the affected joints either holding static or gently move over the area. Use it every day. There are many supplementary approaches to aiding arthritis such as adopting an alkalizing diet and glucosamine supplements and a suitably qualified therapist or professional provider can advise on these and other approaches. 

Bites (insects)

Some insect bites can be serious and result in infection so seek appropriate medical advice.

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv directly over the bite to aid discomfort and swelling may also reduce. 

Bruises – general

If bruising is severe or appears in the abdomen or head then seek medical attention. If there is discomfort then use Ease directly over the area. 

Broken bones

Always seek medical attention with broken bones. The HOLOS device offers the potential to help ease pain associated with bone fractures. It may also stimulate the mechanisms of bone repair. Use Ease Std or Ease Adv directly over the affected area several times a day. The magnetic fields will penetrate plaster casts and bandages so it can be used over these.


Burns may require medical attention so seek this if required.

For the initial pain use Ease Std or Ease Adv directly over the affected area but not touching it. It may require frequent use. It may help stimulate the skin’s natural tissue rejuvenation.

As well as medical products for burns other options exist including, essential oil of Lavender, natural honey and some Aloe Vera products may also assist with burn recovery. Seek professional advice on this.

Carpel tunnel syndrome

Compression of the median nerve of the wrist can result in pain and numbness known as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Use the c.Balance unit generally over the wrist joint to soothe discomfort and aid recovery. 

Useful acupoints: Midline of inner wrist (HP-7), and three finger widths above the wrist crease (HP-6). Midline of outer wrist three finger widths above the wrist crease (TH-5).

Cramp – general

After cramps have subsided the unit can be used over the muscular area to help relax the muscles. Both Ease Std or Ease Adv and Calm have been found to be helpful. For general prevention of cramps, ensure you are adequately hydrated. Also electrolyte levels including potassium may need addressing along with calcium and magnesium balance. Seek advice from an appropriately qualified therapist and or professional provider.


Cuts should receive medical attention.

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv to reduce the soreness and it may help accelerate the tissue repair. Use frequently directly over the area.


Earache should receive medical attention.

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv over the ear area generally. 

Useful Acupoints: Front of ear (GB-2, TW-21, TW-17). Also the back of neck at the base of the skull at the point where the hair line starts to ascend towards the ear (GB20).

Frozen shoulder

Seek physical therapy-type assistance.

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv and Calm to aid muscle relaxation. It may be useful to rest the device on top of the shoulder (TH-14, TH-15) and the front of the shoulder (LI-15). Tuck into clothing to keep in place.  Also if possible place the device on the shoulder blade (scapular). Use on both shoulders, not just the affected one.

Other useful Acupoints - Top of the bicep muscle (LI-14), in the web between the thumb and first finger (LI-4). Also two points on the little finger edge of the hand may prove beneficial (SI-2, SI-3).

Headaches - general

Headaches can be caused by many factors. For regularly occurring headaches it is important to identify the root cause, so seek professional medical provider attention. Main triggers for headaches include: dehydration, medication, caffeine, stress, low blood sugar, poor posture, chemicals such as perfume, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, eye strain, alcohol, sinus issues, nervous tension, head injuries, fatigue.

For general relief try using Ease Std or Ease Adv and Calm in equal measure over the area giving pain; it may prove beneficial to use these over the top of the shoulders and neck generally. There is often tension in the areas associated with headaches and releasing the tension can help with the headache.

Acupuncture theory classifies headaches into a number of ‘patterns’, each with different treatments, and requires professional knowledge to understand these. However there are some general acupoints that may prove beneficial.

A very good general aid is the back of the neck where the main neck muscle meets the skull (BL-10). There are various points on the skull that may be worth trying and some remote points, e.g. three finger widths above the inside ankle joint (SP-6), in the web of the hand between the thumb and first finger (LI-4) and on the little finger edge of the hand (SI-3). 


Indigestion can have several causes including eating habits, food sensitivities, and emotional upsets. Seek medical advice if indigestion persists or is severe. 

For general relief use the Ease Std or Ease Adv programs over the abdomen generally. 

Useful Acupoints: Two specific points on the abdomen (CV-6 and CV-12). More remotely - three fingers below the kneecaps on the outside of the bone (ST-36). Three finger widths above the inside wrist joint (HP-6). On the inside edge of the foot at the base of the big toe joint (SP-4).

Period pains (menstrual cramps)

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv generally on the lower abdomen. There are three specific points (CV-3, CV-4, CV-6) between the naval and pubic bone that may prove particularly beneficial.

Remote acupoints: The inside edge of the leg has four points that may prove beneficial: Bottom edge of the ankle joint (KI-3), three fingers above the ankle joint (SP-6), half way between the ankle and knee joints (SP-8) and two finger widths above the knee cap. Another useful point (LV-3) is located just above the junction of the big and second toes.


Seek medical and osteopathic advice.

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv as the main program to assist with nerve pain. Use over the area of pain as the main approach.

Use on specific GB points and additionally it may be beneficial to slowly sweep the device down the outside leg over the GB points. Only sweep downwards (you will probably need someone else to do this for you).


Use Ease Std or Ease Adv to aid the discomfort over or around the area if painful. Use it several times a day.

Sprains – muscle, ligament, tendon

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv to aid any immediate discomfort. Use several times a day over the area to help with recovery.

Tennis Elbow

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv several times a day. 

Useful Acupoints: Inside crease of elbow either side of biceps tendon (LI10, 11, 12, LU5).


Seek aid from a dentist. 

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv over the area of discomfort.

Ulcers - skin

Use Ease Std or Ease Adv several times a day to aid with tissue repair. Use directly over the area but not touching the ulcerated skin.