RedHealth Wear Technology


Chinese Acupuncture

RedHealth Wear SMART PEMF devices are linked  to Chinese Acupuncture theory, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as an effective means for treating many health states or more precisely helping people stay healthy. The concepts behind it are entirely alien to Western medical theory and really do not fit with that model to any extent. However that does not make either model correct or incorrect - they merely reflect different viewing points of the enormously complex and multifaceted nature of the human body and mind. 

A central tenant to TCM is the recognition of disturbances to normal patterned behavior (rhythms) of the body/mind and providing the means to reestablish preferred patterned behavior. Central to this is the ideal of meridians as ‘energy’ channels flowing through the body, some of which flow near the skin’s surface and can be accessed through acupuncture points. Upset to the flow of ‘energy’ (known as qi or chi) is reflective of disturbed body patterns. 

Traditionally, thin needles or the application of heat (moxibustion) is used to stimulate the acupuncture points and restore natural flow in the channels and organs and thus aid the wellbeing of the recipient.A central component to the RedHealth device technology is providing a way of interacting with the meridians; not through physical means but through energy field interactions and PCAR (phase conjunctive adaptive resonant energy) effects. 

Essentially fractal patterns have been developed that resonate with the meridians and provide a means of interaction that encourage the restoring of natural flow and thus preferred patterned behavior. However this is just one aspect to the way these devices function. The RedHealth devices interact with many other biological rhythms through the PCAR principles, Adaptive Resonance and Quantum hologram concepts.