RedHealth Wear Technology


Global Scaling

Over time everyone's body functions at specific energy frequencies. Due to physical, emotional and environmental stress there is a tendency to deviate from these natural frequencies. The result is that your energy will be depleted which can often lead to illness.Global scaling encourages your body to return to the universal, natural pattern of nature’s energy. This results in improved well being. 

Global Scaling utilizes the natural frequencies of the body which opens up the information pathways of the body to ensure consistent communication of correct information. Using specific natural frequencies RedHealth SMART PEMF devices encourage the body to re-align itself with the natural pattern of the universe. 

Based on nature’s rules the body uses as little energy as possible when optimizing it’s energy system. Ill health (physical, emotional, psychological) has the common characteristic that energy usage in the body has become less efficient, i.e. energy is being wasted. For maximum well being the body utilizes maximum energy efficiency and aligns to pattern of energy that allow it to entrain, or learn, the efficiency. 

The Global Scaling energy patterns in RedHealth Wear PEMF devices provide the body the framework for energy efficiency in the body. The RedHealth devices utilize Global Scaling frequencies as this is the optimum way of transmitting PEMF into the body. It's a little like ensuring that the information and energy sent to the body is sent in the same language your body speaks, so that it can more easily be understood. 

Global Scaling is today seen as the basis of a new scientific and energetic scaling key and frequency to our everyday life and the whole universe. This natural phenomenon was discovered in the 1980´s by Dr. Hartmut Müller. When our body is aligned to these frequencies harmony exists in our systems and in our lives.  

Dr. Rainer Viehweger, who helped design RedHealth Wear, explains this key to the universe and how we fit into this energy frequency spectrum in his book: 

'Understanding the Universe through Global Scaling® by seeing the world with new eyes by Dr. Rainer Viehweger.  Available on Amazon HERE

 ISBN: 978-3-923589-21-0