Changing The Game On Inflammation, Sleep, and Circadian Rhythm Disruption

We are all born with a potential for emotional, mental and physical vitality. Over the course of our life we can experience disruptions in our circadian rhythms and symptoms of inflammation which lead to a drop in our vitality and enjoyment of life. 

All you have to do is search for ‘symptoms of circadian rhythm disruption’ or ‘symptoms of inflammation’ and a plethora of old and new information on the subjects and a long list of related symptoms and diseases populate. 

Healthy, energized, activated, and interconnected circadian rhythms alongside inflammation levels that are in check are critical to maintaining good health and are married physically and energetically. 

My story …

Years ago when I was battling chronic fatigue and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia I had significant inflammation and disrupted circadian rhythms. I suffered daily from exhaustion, brain fog, poor sleep, stress and anxiety, aching throughout my body and burning sensations in my spine. 

In my healing journey, bioenergetic medicine was a huge part of regaining my health. It offered me immediate symptom relief and allowed me to treat some of the key underlying root causes of my symptoms, which were inflammation and disrupted circadian rhythms. 

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) was a big part of my solution, which at the time was a hand-held professional PEMF device that I spent years training and treating myself and others with much success. 

I learned some fascinating aspects of healing principles in my training and experience in energy medicine. The most important was that correcting impaired energy was a top level method of regaining health and vitality and maintaining it with preventative health maintenance. 

According to energy medicine, the energy system governs the physical body. Much like a computer, we have ‘software’ and ‘hardware’. The software runs the hardware. At a quantum level, ie. subatomic level, below the cell level and invisible to the human eye, is a brilliant and sophisticated energy and communication system, called the body field or biofield in energy medicine. 

Once we offer the body field corrective energy and information, it entrains to these energy patterns, or learns from them and self-corrects its impairments. After the energy system is corrected the physical body naturally responds through its innate self-healing and most importantly, its self-regulating mechanisms. 

I’ll share the second most fascinating aspect of healing principles I learned when I share information about personalized body field scanning a bit later here. 

What causes circadian rhythm disruption and inflammation? 

Hectic lifestyles are putting undue pressure on our minds and bodies and stressing our circadian rhythm and inflammation control systems. 

Stress is known to be the #1 most degenerative factor in the body and mind and alone can create high inflammation levels and significantly disrupt our circadian rhythms. 

Close runners up are the stress and toxicity of e-smog from all the technology around us, bluelight from electronic devices and artificial light after dark, lack of fresh air, sunshine, breath and movement, alongside diet and hydration levels. 

Emotional shock, trauma and or conflict can cause inflammation as well as circadian rhythm disruption. Trauma causes a disruption in the function of the hypothalamus and attachment traumas of early life result in low levels of melatonin.

When past emotional shocks, traumas, negative subconscious belief patterns, tape loops and memories become 'trapped' in the subconscious they can have significant impact on both emotional and physical wellbeing. According to energy medicine 65% or more of chronic conditions have emotional foundations which shows the significant role emotions can play in chronic circadian rhythm disruptions and inflammatory states. 

Shock or trauma can oscillate in regions of the brain and if not released can eventually relay out to specific areas of the body, resulting in ‘chronic inflammation of tissues due to no known factor’ and hypothalamus disruption, where proper hormones are not released, perpetuating circadian rhythm disorders. 

What can circadian rhythm disruption (CRD) and chronic inflammation do to the body? 

Autoimmune issues, heart disease, arthritis, bowel diseases, diabetes, dementia, neurodegenerative disease and even certain forms of cancer are linked to circadian rhythm disruption and or chronic inflammation.

What can CRD and chronic inflammation look like in the body?

  • Fatigue and Physical Tiredness

  • General Body Aches & Pains

  • Rashes and Skin Issues

  • Consistently Swollen Lymph Nodes

  • Low Grade Fever

  • Obesity

  • Memory & Decision Making Challenges

  • Mood Disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar and Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Digestive Issues

Is it the chicken or the egg that is the problem? 

That is a great question! The answer is both, as one doesn’t necessarily come before the other in the dance between our circadian rhythms and inflammatory states. 

The circadian clock is a complex cellular mechanism that regulates numerous key physiological processes and maintains cellular, tissue, and systemic homeostasis, including inflammation. 

The circadian clock can directly interact physically with the components of the key inflammatory pathway. 

Similarly, inflammation can lead to circadian rhythm disorders, which may further amplify the inflammatory response and aggravate tissue damage. 

When the circadian clock is disrupted due to insomnia, jet lag, working till late hours and so on, some vital immune cells may be affected, leading to a decline in immunity and making individuals vulnerable to diseases, such as inflammation. 

Experiments have shown that night-shift workers with circadian clock disorders have significantly increased inflammatory markers. 

The circadian clock also modulates cellular metabolism, which could be a mechanism underlying the whole rhythm of circadian control and inflammation. 

Targeting circadian clocks is being looked at as a potential strategy for the prevention and treatment of inflammation as well as many other immune and neurodegenerative diseases.

Circadian Rhythms and sleep are increasingly seen as important for immune system homeostasis. Disruption of either process can engender a state of inflammation and functional immunocompromise rendering vulnerability to many states of disease. 

What can help restore healthy circadian rhythm function and inflammation levels?

Each person is unique in terms of the severity of their circadian rhythm dysfunction and or inflammation levels. 

Regardless of the severity of circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle dysfunction and or inflammation levels we can easily and effectively bring energy, alignment and balance into our mind and body to correct these states.

HOLOS which means ‘Be Whole’ is a power packed, automatic, wellness wearable that has it’s whole focus on healthy Circadian Rhythm and Sleep-Wake Cycles and in effect, healthy inflammation levels. 

This little device that weighs about ½ ounce and is a little over the size of a quarter packs a powerful punch. Don’t be fooled by its size. 

With HOLOS it’s all about quality as opposed to quantity found in many other PEMF devices. 

Due to its highly sophisticated PEMF technology and its proprietary Adaptive Resonant Energy technology, which superchargers the PEMF’s ability to target areas of the body, HOLOS is able to reach all areas of the body and mind with optimally-timed and targeted energy and information intermittently, around the clock, even when you are sleeping! 

HOLOS is the most powerful circadian rhythm and inflammation support wearable device on the market today due to its advanced technology and 3 LEVELS of support. 

HOLOS aligns 100% with the 3 highest efficacy and safety results of NASA’s multi-million dollar PEMF study making it stand alone in the PEMF wearable market. 

How does HOLOS comprehensively support better sleep, strong, healthy circadian rhythms and inflammation levels?

HOLOS Level I Support: HOLOS offers three 7-Day Automatic Background program cycles of Stress Release, Circadian Balance and PTSD/Depression. 

HOLOS runs pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) programs intermittently every few hours on a 7-day automatic schedule. All programs are optimally timed and targeted to sync perfectly with our biological rhythms, 24/7 Chinese Body Clock, and sleep-wake cycles. 

The 7-Day Automatic PEMF programs offer corrective energy and information to the body and mind, allowing the body to correct impaired energy patterns and restore integrity to all disrupted areas of the energy system. The programs include vital, direct energy and information (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies)  to support strong, balanced biological rhythms & sleep-wake cycles, stress and trauma/shock release, and lifting of depression. 

Within these 7-Day Automatic programs the 12 main Chinese Meridians are at the foundation of the bioenergetic corrections HOLOS offers daily

These 12 meridians, or energy flow pathways, govern our Circadian Rhythms and the integrity of energy and information transfer to all areas of the body and mind. Our body naturally goes through its biological rhythms each day and night, changing its organ and meridian focus every 2 hours, 24/7, in rhythm with the Earth’s cycles. 

HOLOS helps keep all energy and the transfer of information throughout the body energized, activated and interconnected. 

All meridians are intricately involved in our circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle balance and inflammation levels, but the heart protector meridian is the primary inflammation marker in our energy system. 

The heart protector meridian is responsible for energy and information integrity and flow in these 4 main areas and emotions in our mind-body health. It is also a key inflammation marker and is vital in helping the body optimize health inflammation levels. 

  • Circulatory system: arterial and venous
  • Neuroendocrine regulation
  • Motor, visual and auditory regulation (midbrain)
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Positive expressions of the emotions trustfulness, thoughtfulness, and doubt.

Additionally the 7-Day program cycles include general programs that provide foundational bioenergetic support for better sleep, balanced circadian rhythms and healthy inflammation levels

These general programs help with activating energy in the am upon waking, emf protection that focuses on keeping the key areas of the body that are the most sensitive to the toxic effects of EMF (pancreas, spleen, nervous system and heart), strong and resilient, winding down and relaxing at night, brainwave balance as well as Earthing/Grounding to keep our energy system vitally connected the healing energy frequencies of the Earth, to include the Schumann frequency. 

HOLOS Level II Support: HOLOS’s automatic personalized programs dive even deeper into supporting healthy circadian rhythms, better sleep and optimum inflammation levels.

How does the HOLOS automatic personalized scan work?

Every 21 days, at midnight, HOLOS automatically runs a personalized scan on its user. If by chance it wasn’t being worn, the user can manually scan at any time using the Run Scan option in the Personalize menu.

What happens in the HOLOS automatic scanning process? 

Using a technology called resonance matching, HOLOS scans the user’s body field, calibrates the highest priority energy distortions of the user at that time, and then automatically schedules out customized energy programs from its extensive PEMF program database that are attuned to the user. 

These personalized PEMF programs are added to the automatic 7-Day program schedule in the device and are tiered in their delivery over 3 weeks, based on the body’s preferred sequence of healing. 

This is the 2nd fascinating element of healing I learned in my education in bioenergetics. That the body not only has a whole system of energy and communication that is directing the physical body at all times but that when it goes about healing, it has a very specific preferred healing sequence.

When HOLOS calibrates and schedules out 3 weeks of personalized PEMF and Adaptive Resonant Energy programs there are many aspects of support for Circadian Rhythms, Sleep-Wake Cycles and Inflammation in each of the scan elements. Each week of the 3 week personalized program cycle goes deeper into the body field in a top down approach.

Personalized Programs Week 1 - The first set of programs scheduled for week 1 are added to the 7-Day Automatic Background Program Cycle to support the highest level of the energy system in the user’s body and mind as determined by the personalized scan and preferred sequence of healing.

These include areas of the body and mind that relate to electromagnetic charge, energy production and metabolism, sleep and wake cycles & 24/7 circadian rhythms, alignment with the Earth’s axis and high level support of the nervous, metabolic, digestive, immune and circulatory systems through this ‘Earthing’ effect, as well as all organs.

Personalized Programs Week 2 - The second set of programs scheduled for week 2 are added to the 7-Day Automatic Background Program Cycle. They work a bit deeper in the user’s energy system as determined by the personalized scan and preferred sequence of healing.

These include areas of the body and mind that relate to the main 12 Chinese meridians system and many related aspects of the emotional system and emotional balance. Priorities addressed this week are all about the body’s ability to communicate and get energy and information to the right place at the right time, integrating elements of both body and mind in that process.  

Personalized Programs Week 3 - The third set of programs scheduled for week 3 and added to the 7-Day Automatic Background Program Cycle. They work at the deepest levels of the user’s energy system as determined by the personalized scan priorities and preferred sequence of healing.

These include areas of the body and mind that are related to the energetic immune system, energetic metabolic systems and areas of shock and trauma.

HOLOS Level III Support: HOLOS offers 16 manual, user-activated ‘boost’ programs for short-term acute needs and fast, natural symptom relief, anytime, anywhere with NO SIDE EFFECTS!

All the boost programs either directly or indirectly support energy, balance and alignment in the circadian rhythms, sleep quality, and healthy inflammation levels.

The boost programs run anywhere from 10 mins up to 58 mins, depending on the specific boost program and the Intensity level (low, medium or high) and automatically turn off when done. Benefits are received quickly as the boosts are concentrated programs but can be repeated until desired results are achieved. 

How do the HOLOS boosts work?

The user presses the boost button on the back of the device which populates a boost menu of STD and PERFORM. All boosts except Perform are under the STD boost menu. A boost is chosen from the populated list, and once Run is pressed, the boost program runs for a set amount of time, based on the intensity, and then automatically turns off when completed. Boost programs can be repeated consecutively or throughout the day until desired results are achieved.  

The Boost Quick Reference Guide is a handy portable guide that covers what each boost is designed to support and the program elements in each. It helps with quick reference based on the user’s current symptoms for the best programs or combination of programs that can be used anytime, anywhere for fast, natural symptom relief. 

HOLOS offers a total of 16 boost programs, listed in the pic above, to help reduce stress and anxiety, assist sleep quality, ease pain and inflammation, aid enhanced mental and physical performance and recovery, lift low energy levels, protect against the toxic elements of EMF (e-smog), reduce travel related symptoms including jet lag, release shock and trauma, lift mood, bring peace in acute stress and or space in states of overwhelm, as well as skin anti-aging and tissue repair. The HOLOS boosts are designed for on the spot support to help keep the user calmer, comfortable, and well rested. 

Each boost program is an array of PEMF programs designed to target specific symptoms and integrates many elements of body and mind. 

Using the HOLOS manual boost programs in combination with the 7-Day Automatic Programs and ongoing Automatic Personalized Programs, based on the automatic scan every 21 days,  offers 3 levels of comprehensive bioenergetic support for healthy circadian rhythms, inflammation levels and quality sleep

How do I know this is the strongest bioenergetic frequency wearable in the market for daily, automatic circadian rhythm, inflammation and sleep support?

The proof is always in the pudding. Our customers love HOLOS, especially their quality of sleep and stress and pain reduction. For those who need an extra leg up I always recommend that they set their HOLOS device support level to HIGH Intensity so that all programs run for max run times and take advantage of the manual boost programs when they initially get started for maximum symptom relief.  

The science behind frequency devices is of the utmost importance. It’s important to know what technical specifications have been proven to work and have those specifications transparent to the customer. 

HOLOS aligns 100% with the 3 highest efficacy and safety results of NASA’s multi-million dollar PEMF study making it stand alone in the PEMF wearable market. Additionally HOLOS offers proprietary adaptive resonant energy technology, allowing it to SUPERCHARGE the PEMF. ARE technology involves signature magnetic energy patterns that match the magnetic envelope that surrounds all the tissues and structures in the body. These ARE magnetic energy patterns are emitted alongside the pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF), allowing the targeting ability of each program to be fully optimized. 

HOLOS is the only wearable PEMF device in the market that offers automatic, optimally timed and targeted support, in the body’s preferred sequence of healing, 24/7, even when you are sleeping!

What are customers saying about HOLOS? 


I am Brian Voytecek, one of the Chiropractors with Omni Chiropractic in the Denver CO area. I started by wearing the GEN2 c.Balance device, then switched up to the new GEN3 HOLOS Balance Plus device and have been wearing it for about three months. The results and the benefits have surpassed my expectations. Greatly improved the quality of sleep and sleep patterns. I feel well rested in the mornings and don't get tired during the middle of the day. Improved clarity and concentration. And I have a lot more energy. Doing the scanning and personalization is simple on the c.Balance and is automatic on the HOLOS devices. I love the boost programs and the automatic 24/7 programs. Debbie Hart, the representative, has been very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions. I am extremely pleased with the device and the entire process.

Dr. Brian Voytecek | Chiropractor - Omni Chiropractic


These devices are the best purchases we have ever made! Our physical and mental well-being is very important to us and HOLOS has become a critical part of our journey. Better sleep, a sense of well-being and over-all comfort are at our fingertips. We highly recommend these units to everyone we come in contact with. Know that you are worth it! Money well spent!

Regina and Gary DeMarco | Verified Customer

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