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Restore Your Energy, Transform Your Life with RedHealth Wear!

c.Balance is our flagship device and most comprehensive device. Runs 24/7, emitting an array of automatic PEMF energy patterns that are optimally-timed and targeted. These energy patterns automatically boosting the body's energy system and biological rhythm balance allowing for optimized adaptation and regulation of higher energy levels, stress reduction, immunity, environment toxins, travel, pain and inflammation, travel and more.

 c.Balance features full 24/7 circadian rhythm, Chinese Meridian/Body clock and overall stress-management and well being support. It features 3 levels of energetic support to include 7-day cycles of automatic background programs, 8 manual boost programs for short-term, acute needs and a unique and powerful, personalized energy calibration that attunes the devices to the individual user adding additional, customized energy where and when you need it most.!

  • Simply power on, sync the device clock with your phone through the RedHealth USA App and c.Balance's automated background and manual boost programs are ready to go!
  • In addition to it's background programs that run intermittently and automatically for gentle yet comprehensive well being support 24/7, c.Balance offers 8 Manual 'Boost' programs. These user-activated boost programs include Calm, Sleep, Ease, and PRGx (allowing for a variable boost with 5 options), and can be run at the touch of a button for additional short-term acute well-being support.
  • The c.Balance recently improved technology features the ability to set up and operate the device from the RedHealth USA App,  5 'Boost' program options assigned by the user under PRGx of RevitalizeTravel, Tissue Rejuv, Shock, and Inflammation, the ability to customize the output intensity, and a rose quartz crystal added for increased resonance energy quality
  • The c.Balance device is designed to be close to or on the body 24/7. It can be taken off for short periods of time for bathing, long periods of swimming, or for any other reason without loss of support as the programs run intermittently 24/7.  Because it's recommended to take the device off once in while for a couple days so the body can learn to maintain it's new balance, the time off during recharging or other periods is actually a healthy break.
  • The c.Balance device utilizes BLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) technology. All Apple iphones from 4s and later are supported. Many Android Phones are supported. To check an Android phones make and model for BLE supported technology download the BLE Checker App for checking BLE capability on an Android phone: 
  • All RedHealth devices are environmentally sealed, water and impact resistant and standard micro USB rechargeable. They should only need recharging on average every 3-4 weeks.
  • c.Balance is universal for people and animals and comes in 3 models, c.Balance for people and c.Balance PET and c.Balance EQUINE for pets and or horses. 
  • c.Balance comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a 30-day return policy (10% restocking fee).


RedHealth products do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. If you have any medical concern or condition consult an appropriate health care provider. The RedHealth products have not been evaluated, approved or cleared by the FDA or any state regulatory organization and therefore are for personal experimentation, educational and trial-use only.

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