What's New in SMART PEMF Health Technology?

By Debbie Hart, Director RedHealth Wear USA

Finally … Affordable, Wearable SMART PEMF Technology is available through RedHealth, Resonant Energy Devices for Health! Major advances  in technology have enabled much broader access to PEMF health benefits through a new wearable device that is much more affordable than previous PEMF systems. 

To benefit from PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) whole mind-body technology, consumers typically either lay on a mat or plug into a larger system for a treatment that carries a price ranging anywhere from $1,400 - $22,000, depending on the specific equipment. Major advancements in technology have brought whole mind-body PEMF into a wearable device for the first time, allowing consumers access to automatic, personalized wellness support, 24/7 for less than the cost of one month of acupuncture! 

Check out how the RedHealth c.Balance stacks up in cost and benefits below.

How Is the c.Balance PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) Different?

RedHealth c.Balance (Circadian Balance) is the first whole mind-body health and well-being device in a compact, wearable, safe, rechargeable, and highly impact/water resistant device designed for personal use. It runs intermittently around the clock, with two advanced approaches to therapeutic action that support all aspects of your wellness, even when you are sleeping!

Automatic Time-Activated Therapeutic Programs

The therapeutic output of the device synchronizes with the time of day and the body’s natural 24-hr body clock (circadian rhythms) which include the brain-wave frequencies. This allows the device to help the body wake in morning, maintain vitality during the day, and prepare it for rest and sleep at night.

Personalized and Tailored to Individual Needs

RedHealth c.Balance is also the world’s smallest PEMF device with a proprietary scanning technology that calibrates the therapeutic programs to the specific needs of an individual user. This allows precise tailoring of programs to a user’s specific, current needs providing ongoing customized support!

Why Is The PEMF Frequency Range So Important?

Most electronic therapy devices, such as SCENAR, micro current, PEMF or other, use fixed frequencies or constant frequencies. One characteristic of life organisms is that nothing within them is constant or acts in a completely constant way.

A clear example is the heartbeat, where the pulse rate continually varies by a small but important amount (this is known as heart rate variability). An important aspect of the PEMF signal emitted by the RedHealth devices is they too fluctuate in frequency by prescribed amounts, versus a fixed or constant frequency, that becomes less effective as the body adapts to it. 

See what NASA says here about the effectiveness of PEMF on human cells for healing, growth and regeneration, and how the human body needs frequencies close to what the Earth provides with a rapidly varying waveform for optimum results.

What Are The Therapeutic Effects of PEMF?

The therapeutic processes of the device are two-fold: 

 Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) - a well proven therapeutic approach that has been shown to aid with improved energy levels, pain reduction, accelerated wound healing, improved blood oxygenation, better sleep patterns, stress management, electro smog protection, anti-aging and many other aspects of overall health and well-being.

Adaptive Resonance - an additional proprietary technology that boosts the PEMF in it’s targeted actions and increases the depth and scope of the therapeutic potential of the devices.

What Are The Benefits of the c.Balance 7-Day Automatic Programs?

As part of the 7-day automatic PEMF programs, the RedHealth c.Balance device automatically runs general programs for:

  • Circadian Rhythms/24-7 Body Clock Balance/Sleep-Wake Cycles - Each day the body’s activities go through anatural process of change and many of its rhythms are tied into a 24-hour cycle. Many health conditions can arise when these natural daily rhythms are disturbed. Although this is relatively modern discovery for Western medicine, the Chinese have been aware of this for centuries. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, at any time of day, one of the 12 meridians will be more active than the others. Built into the RedHealth device is a clock and by knowing the time, the device determines which meridian should be most active and runs a program to aid this synchronization. 

  • Stress Reduction and Emotional Balancing - helping reduce reduction of stress and anxiety and improve emotional balance

  • EMF Detox - supporting the body to clear itself from the toxic effects of electromagnetic pollution (e-smog), environmental toxins and travel. 

  • Earthing - helping the body re establish connection with the Earth's fields including Schumann Waves 

  • Brainwave Balance - includes frequencies to match with alpha, beta, delta and theta brain waves depending on the time of day

  • General Rejuvenation - programs designed to help lift energy levels in the morning and help maintain them throughout the day

  • Sleep Quality - programs that aid in preparing the body for better sleep in the evening

Why Is The  c.Balance Personalization Important?

The personalization feature is a revolutionary and proprietary scanning technology unique to the RedHealth c.Balance device. When activated, it scans the user’s energetic system and runs a calibration that determines the user’s highest energetic priorities at that time. It then adjusts the automatic programs to match with the individual user’s current needs so the output becomes personalized and optimized.

This calibration and personalization adjustment to the automatic programs includes the general areas of energy alignment with the Earth, energy charge (Polarity), day/night energy production, circadian rhythms - day and night cycles, energetic organ support, 24/7 Chinese meridian energizing, alignment and balancing, mind and emotions support, trauma and shock release, energetic immunity and energetic metabolism support. 

These personalized programs cover over 150 areas of the body's energy system and are tiered over 3 weeks. Each week they go deeper into the energetic system in the general priority order listed above. Every 21 days (or even every one or two weeks) the personalization can be run  from the RedHealth USA app so as to keep the c.Balance tuned to the body’s highest, dynamic priorities on an ongoing basis. 

 When Would I Use A c.Balance ‘Boost’ Program?  

Manual user-activated support of Calm, Sleep, Ease, and Revitalize boost programs are activated through a touch of the front button on the device.

 Four extra boost programs, for short-term, acute needs, can be customized from the PRGx setting in the RedHealth USA app and include Inflammation, Tissue Rejuve, Travel-EMF and Emotional Shock for a total of 8 boost programs. These ‘boost’ programs can be activated when and where you need them at the touch of a button. All the elements of the ‘boost’ support are built into the automatic programs, but the boosts offer the user extra support.

What Do I Use The RedHealth USA App For?  

The RedHealth USA app is the convenient and easy way to simply check the status of the device or to customize and or personalize your device at any time. The customization includes options for Name, automatic Clock-Time Zone syncing, Intensity Level and 5 variable ‘boost’ programs. The RedHealth USA app works through BLE (BlueTooth Low Energy) technology which is active for only one minute at a time during any desired update or customization of the device, so there are no adverse health effects.

How Will The RedHealth c.Balance Support Me?

We are electromagnetic beings and our health and well-being requires a balanced electromagnetic state. The RedHealth c.Balance powerfully supports your electromagnetic balance and well-being automatically, 24/7. The devices emit safe, ultra-low intensity magnetic pulses that resonate with the body’s own energy system. They work by emitting low frequency pulses that will pass through the skin and penetrate deep into muscles, bones, tendons, and organs to activate the cell’s energy and encourage it’s natural repair mechanisms. 

The cells and their energy are building blocks of everything in the body. Magnetic fields balance cells, tissues and bodily functions at very fundamental levels, even before damage and problems become obvious to you. Your body can be tuned to achieve optimum whole mind-body balance and or targeted balance in focused areas for acute needs.

When a program is activated, while running, the pulse frequency will fluctuate in a defined way and a whole sequence of adaptive resonant signature energy patterns will be used to facilitate the required therapeutic action. The automatic programs run periodically as dictated by the time of day. The selected intensity level in the RedHealth USA app, Auto, Low, Med or High automatically determines the length of time the automatic programs run. There are a wide array of programs in the device’s database. The Auto Intensity setting is recommended in getting started as the device determines the normal or average optimum runtime level for all the programs. 

Much of the time the device is passive and the automatic programs run for only a few minutes each hour. This is to reduce the undue burden that having a continual stream of signals would place on the body. Small amounts of well-tuned and timed signals are far more effective than a constant blitz. Essentially the programs provide a ‘navigation beacon’ and the idea is that the body will resonate for a short time with these and adjust its state gradually over time. This concept is one of gradual and positive improvements in well-being

Cost-Benefit Comparison Of PEMF Technologies 

RedHealth’s proprietary technology is the first ever wearable PEMF device that offers unmatched value in the current whole mind-body PEMF market. RedHealth costs little over $1 per day in the first year, and the total one-time cost is LESS than a month of acupuncture services! Check out the comparison chart below to see how RedHealth stacks up on cost and benefits in the PEMF marketplace. 

With a full 30-day return policy and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, get started today enjoying the benefits of whole mind-body wearable PEMF technology at no risk!

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