Are you at risk from EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Exposure? 

HOLOS Offers EMF Protection 24/7!

EMF Is Increasing In The Environment

Current research is showing the increasing degree to which our body is significantly affected by electricity in our environment. This includes saturation of wireless radiation including cell towers, cell and cordless phones, Wi-Fi and smart meters. In order to maintain health and wellness limiting EMF exposure is advised. Collectively, we need to reduce and eliminate EMFs (electromagnetic fields) to protect public health, our animals and nature. 

Are You Experiencing Any of These Symptoms? 

Symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity can vary with each person depending on: the strength, type and length of EMF exposure. Other factors that can influence EMF symptoms include exposure to other environmental toxins, individual constitution and basic health practices. 

Symptoms can be mild to severe including: sleep problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, headaches, concentration, memory, learning and immune system problems, heart palpitations, nausea, joint pain, swelling of face, neck, eye problems, rashes, and cancer

In order to heal, reducing exposure and setting up protection can be imperative. 

Protect Your Body Today From EMF Exposure! 

RedHealth HOLOS devices deliver healthy PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) energy fields to our body, automatically 24/7, offering protection and resilience to the toxic effects of EMF and the stress and fatigue they create in our energy system. 
HOLOS PEMF devices contain many natural and healthy energy programs that run automatically in a 7-day cycle to support the toxic effects (stress and fatigue) of EMF as well as other environmental toxins and travel. These healthy energy programs work by supporting correction of impaired energy patterns and the body’s self-healing and self-regulating potentials. 

In addition to the automatic, 7-day, optimally-timed and targeted PEMF programs in HOLOS devices, they also offers manual, user-activated boost programs for short-term acute needs and easing of symptoms. The new EMF boost is specifically designed to boost the body's EMF protection and ease symptoms of EMF and can be run anytime, anywhere. 

HOLOS offers 15 additional boosts of Calm, Sleep, Ease Std & Ease Advanced (offers help for pain, inflammation & tissue repair), Energy Acute, Energy Chronic, Travel, Inflammation, Emot Shock, Tissue Repair, Skin-Aging, Peace, Uplift, Space and Perform (mental and physical performance and recovery), as well as a unique Personalization feature that allows the device to be automatically scan, calibrate and run programs attuned to the user on an ongoing basis. 

If EMF is a found to be a priority in the automatic, personalized scan that is run at midnight every 3 weeks, the HOLOS wearable PEMF device will calibrate and schedule customized programs from its database to ramp up energetic support in those areas most affected by EMF. The nervous system, pancreas and spleen are most affected by EMF and if these areas are found to be high priorities in the scan calibration, ie. most distorted and impaired energy fields, then HOLOS adds personalized, targeted EMF support to the 3-week set of personalized PEMF programs.

We can take many steps to reduce the stress and fatigue that EMF exposure creates in our energy system and body by supporting our body’s natural resilience. Whether you are at home, work or traveling you can get powerful, 24/7 personalized support for EMF Protection with RedHealth HOLOS devices. 

I've created a list of additional EMF protection support tips for you below that simplifies testing and mitigation. 

Additional EMF Protection Tips

The HOLOS device, through it's Automatic 7-Day and Personalized Programs will keep your system energized, activated and interconnected for strength and resilience against the toxic effects of EMF. 

Additionally, it's user-activated EMF boost program, and or TRAVEL boost program (includes EMF protection and more) can be run anytime, anywhere, as often as needed, for extra protection and symptom support when feeling EMF symptoms or in high areas of exposure. 

Running the boosts of Sleep before bed and Energy AC (Acute) and EMF during the day, can help for adding extra, short-term support to what you're already receiving in the background programs for resilience against the toxic effects of stress and fatigue on the body and mind caused by EMF. The Calm boost can also be used during the day for stress and anxiety or helpful if waking at night. 

Remember that the HOLOS boosts can be run consecutively, multiple times in a row or throughout the day and or night until desired results are achieved. Setting the device support level to HIGH or just the Boost Intensity Default to HIGH will serve to run all background programs, or just the boost programs, respectively, for maximum run times. 

Below are 7 Additional Steps to Help With Testing & Mitigating EMF and Its Toxic Effects

1- Test and Mitigate EMF in Your Environment

Most critical is your bedroom or wherever you sleepTrifield TF2 Meters are great for testing RF radiation from cell phones, SMART METERS, WIFI, etc.. The easy to follow short user guides show exactly what ranges have been determined safe.

2- Faraday fabric with faraday tape, as desired, can be used to wrap routers, modems, security system panels, etc. 

Faraday Fabric

Faraday Tape

3- Stetzer meters help to measure wall EMF pollution in the wiring. The biggest negative effect of SmartMeters that are connected to your home or building are that they send toxic EMF spikes through your home. 

Best dirty electricity meters

4- Aulterra Whole House protectors plugged into rooms that test high can help in those rooms. 

There are smart tablet and smartphone cases that can help protect/neutralize EMF during the day such as SmartSleeve that can help but putting your device(s) in Airplane mode when you are not using them is best. You can also make faraday pouches for your portable electronics, when not in use, from the fabric above>

5- Remove all electronics from the bedroom and make sure WIFI is turned off and smart phones/tablets are turned off, put in sleep mode or in a faraday pouch during sleep. 

6- Mitigate Blue light after dark by either wearing blue light blocking glasses or staying away from all screens 2 hours before bed. The free software f.lux can also be downloaded and used on all computers, laptops and smart devices to block bluelight after dark. 

7- Eating various forms of brown seaweed mixed into soups, salads, main dishes can help with radiation absorption.>

For more in-depth information on EMF dangers and mitigation you can access many books and videos on the subject on the internet. 

Dr. Mercola has quite a few great interviews on his site on EMF and recently released his best-selling book on the topic called EMF*D.