6 Tips For Better Sleep and Higher Energy

Good energy and good sleep are foundational to long-term vitality and longevity and they support ALL OTHER health and well-being challenges. 

It actually takes a lot of energy to sleep well as the nervous system has to be strong for balanced brain waves and all the other functions required for restorative sleep. If you are not sleeping well, your body is not repairing and restoring at night, which stresses your entire system and drains it of critical energy needed for a balance mind, body and spirit. 

Tip  #1- Try a hydration test for energy and mental clarity. For just a few weeks, drink at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of clean, quality water. (ie. if you weigh 140 lbs commit to drinking 70 ounces daily). Hydration is vital for energy production and storage. We function energetically just like batteries and we all know what happens to a dry battery.  Additionally, for every cup of caffeinated beverage which has a dehydrating effect, drink an extra cup of a non-caffeinated beverage or water. 

Tip #2- Try to get sunlight in your eyes around 8am or noon for at least 20 mins without sunglasses. First thing in the morning after waking is ideal as this will stimulate your circadian rhythms and daytime energy and help revitalize the strength and balance of all your biological rhythms, including your nighttime rhythms. 

Tip #3 - Use your c.Balance Revitalize boost (PRGx-set to Revitalize in the App) or the HOLOS boosts of Energy Acute (short-term low energy) or Energy Chronic (long-term low energy) a few times throughout the day or a few times consecutively during the day. This will help build critical, foundation energy in the body and mind. 

Tip #4- Turn your intensity level up to HIGH for a few day s up to a week as tolerated, when you feel your energy is depleted. This serves to run all your background programs, both the automatic 7-day programs and the personalized programs, set up by the scan every 3 weeks, for max run times. This does not change the output strength of the device, only the run times for all the background programs. 

On the c.Balance, the Intensity setting is in the App. On the HOLOS, it's on the HOME Screen, Setup Menu, Auto, High Support, which will set all background programs and all boosts to HIGH Intensity (max run times). 

Tip #5- Use your Sleep boost 1-3 times before bed and your Calm boost, if you happen to wake up at night. 

Also, make sure your phone is away from your body and in Airplane mode so as to stop the toxic fatigue and stress of EMF from affecting your energy system and brain during your critical sleep hours. Additionally, it's ideal for the energy system and quality sleep to keep all electronics and non-native light out of the bedroom. Candle light and orange/amber light are native at night. 

Tip #6If you are exposed to a lot of EMF, whether through your home or work environment, or through traveling, this can wreak havoc on sleep rhythms and energy. Run your Travel boost on the c.Balance (PRGx set to Travel) or the new targeted EMF Protection boost on your HOLOS device, Std Boost Menu

If traveling with the c.Balance or HOLOS, run the Travel boost hourly throughout your trip, and then with the HOLOS run your EMF boost after your trip for secondary, focused EMF protection. 

This will help revitalize the energy system from the toxic effects of EMF, which creates stress and fatigue on the whole energy system, and where the pancreas, spleen, heart and nervous system are most affected. 

In health and happiness!


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