Boost Your Mental and Physical Performance and Recovery 

with Wearable PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields).

Focused Support When and Where You Need It Most!


Designed as a focused training aid for enhancing all types of performance. 

Includes 3 Modes:

  • PRE - 18 MIN - Warm Up and Prepare For Activity

  • GO - 21 MIN - Maintain Focused Activity

  • POST - 18 MIN - Cool, Calm Down and Recover After Exertion

  • For athletes, performance animals and their people. Great for riders, grooms, handlers. When working with animals influences both at same time.
  • Can support rigorous mental endurance during studying, testing and exams.   
  • Simply press the front button to power on and activate each of the 3 modes.  
  • Modes can be run as many times and as often as needed, anytime or anywhere that optimum performance and or recovery is desired. 
  • SPORT is universal for people and animals!
  • SPORT Animal comes with a 5" velcro strap for attachment to collar, bridle, saddle, or saddle pad.