Resonance Health PMA

The $21 PMA membership fee is automatically included in the first product purchase from the RedHealth Shop. For those not purchasing a product at this time feel free to join the PMA for educational, entertainment, or research on the RedHealth products.Please join the Resonance Health PMA (private membership association) in order to enjoy access to additional RedHealth product information, user and suggested usage guides and user forum recordings. 

This information is all published privately so as to protect freedoms not afforded public domains. We understand that the reading of any contract is cumbersome and tedious and we'd prefer for it not to be required, but it is important, so please take the time to read the contract for terms of agreement below.  If purchasing a product  your membership is included in your first purchase and the contract and terms of conditions are available at checkout.  Global Transformation Pathways LCA is the US distributor of RedHealth products. 

Thanks so much and please feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information through our Contact Us  page.