RedHealth Wear Technology


Adaptive Resonant Energy

The adaptive resonance aspect of the RedHealth Wear technology is less well known. It goes by the full name of ‘Phase Conjugate Adaptive Resonance’ (PCAR) and is used to bring targeted action to PEMF and enhance its potency and specific effects. The term resonance refers to the ability of the living organism to respond to the receiving of information. 

The development of the concept of PCAR originated in the mid 20th century and research work on developing the understanding of this natural phenomena by Edgar Mitchell and Robert Staretz is outlined in the excellent and enlightening article published in the journal of cosmology. 

Essentially PCAR provides the mechanism for biological information processing, the quantum hologram and consciousness in biology. It provides a basis for how living creatures organize, learn, adapt and regulate their activities which includes their rhythmical behaviors. Also covered in the notion of adaptive resonance is the concept of Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) developed by Stephen Grossberg and Gail Carpenter, and is a very highly regarded, comprehensive and flexible neural network model giving insight into how humans in particular learn and adapt their patterned behaviors. 

This theory was developed entirely separately to the PCAR concept but provides an expansion on the central concept of intelligent conscious learning. A comprehensive explanation to ART can be found in this article

In summary, the adaptive resonance technology used in the RedHealth devices generates a series of energy patterns (specifically 'fractal' (never ending pattern) interference patterns) that resonate with the body. The body responds to this new energy and information and responds by aligning to it, thereby optimizing many areas of the body and mind. This adaptive resonance of the RedHealth devices works through intelligent conscious learning. 

The above articles are quite technical but for those interested will help break the PCAR and ART principles down into manageable parts.