RedHealth Wear c.Balance - Animals - PET and EQUINE

Let RedHealth wearable well-being devices support your horse's balance 24/7. Experience all the benefits of it's revolutionary PEMF and resonant energy wearable technology today! 

c.Balance is the most comprehensive and universal RedHealth device for people and animals. For balancing the body clock and enhancing overall stress-management and well-being. Features a unique and powerful, personalized energy calibration that generates customized, tiered, automatic 3-week well-being programs.

  • c.Balance EQUINE includes programs designed to support:  Chinese acupuncture meridian/Circadian rhythm balance, stress reduction, sleep quality, the stress and fatigue of environmental toxin, EMF(e-smog), and travel, ease of discomfort, revitalization of energy, and more to include a personalization process that calibrates the device to your animal.
  • Simply power on and set the time and the c.Balance's automated background programs are ready to go!
  • In addition to it's background programs that run intermittently and automatically for gentle well-being support 24/7, c.Balance PET and c.Balance EQUINE offer 4 Manual 'Boost' programs. These optional, user-activated 'Boost' programs include a 15 min Calm, a 25 min Sleep, a 14 min Ease, and a 14 min Revit, can be run at the touch of a button anytime, anywhere for additional stress and well-being support.
  • The c.Balance PET and c.Balance EQUINE devices are designed to be close too or on the animal's body 24/7. It can be taken off for short periods of time for bathing, long periods of swimming, or for any other reason without loss of support as the programs run intermittently 24/7.  Because it's recommended to take the device off once in while for a couple days so the animal's body can learn to maintain it's new balance, the time off during recharging is actually a healthy break.
  • All RedHealth devices are environmentally sealed and are water and impact resistant and standard micro USB rechargeable. They should only need recharging every 3-4 weeks.
  • The c.Balance PET comes with a heavy duty mounting ring, c.Balance EQUINE comes with a captured strap case for mounting on a halter or neck collar. 
  • Both c.Balance devices for animals comes with a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

Please click on the links below to purchase or learn more about the Beta Biothane Neck Collar and Halter's customized for the perfect mount for your horse's EQUINE or c.Balance EQUINE captured strap device(s). 

The Distance Depot Beta Biothane 100-lb breakaway Equine Neck Collar for RedHealth c.Balance EQUINE or EQUINE devices 

The Distance Depot Beta Biothane 100-lb breakaway Equine Halter for RedHealt c.Balance EQUINE or EQUINE devices

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