SMART PEMF and Sleep Quality

Poor sleep is a root cause of some of the biggest health challenges faced today with staying asleep being the most common problem. Dr. Pawluk, a leading medical authority on PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic fields), names just a few key health challenges that arise from lack of quality sleep in his article and video on sleep and PEMF referenced below. 

“Depression is 5 times more likely, aging of the skin, weight gain and even double the risk of death for those getting less than 5 hours a day.” For many women he recommends supplementing PEMF therapy with magnesium and melatonin supplements for optimum effects. 

The brainwaves as well as the circadian rhythms are intimately involved in regulating our sleep. The RedHealth c.Balance (Circadian Balance) device runs optimally timed and targeted PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) programs 24/7 in sync with the 12 Chinese main meridians (energy and communication pathways in our body) which are linked to our circadian rhythms and body-clock and all 4 brainwaves, BETA (awake/alertness), ALPHA (relaxed mind), THETA (light sleep) and DELTA (deep sleep). It also contains programs for Earthing to include the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz), the average frequency of the Earth,  which supports the body-mind-earth connection that is vital to health and to the Alpha brain wave state. 

"So think about what happens when your body’s out of touch with its natural frequency. Numerous illnesses have been linked to the interference of toxic EMFs that interfere with the body's natural rhythms and their associated frequencies, including anxiety, headaches, migraines, depression, cancer and heart disease. Unfortunately, dozens of studies reveal that exposure to man-made EMF undermine your body so that you are constantly tired, stressed, and unable to sleep properly. Since the Schumann Resonance can act to block exposure to man-made EMF, it offers a perfect solution to your concerns about increased risk of illness. In fact, people that have used Schumann Resonance generators quickly find: 

 – a significant reduction in headaches 

– less bouts of nausea and other gastric complaints that tend to crop up with exhaustion and increased stress levels 

– fewer colds and flu, as well as faster recovery 

– malignancies and other abnormal growths slow down or stop altogether. 

– heart disease, allergies, and other illnesses either reduce or reverse completely 

– lower risk of accidents caused by exhaustion, which leads to a reduction in injuries 

– reduction in stress and exhaustion-induced risky behaviors which leads to improvement in overall wellness. 

It is even possible for a Schumann Resonance generator to help with getting rid of bad habits, especially if stress and tiredness are an underlying cause of these behaviors". *

The automatic SMART PEMF programs of the c.Balance device aid and reinforce optimum alignment and balance in these innate rhythms in our body. They serve as a ‘navigation beacon’, so to speak, for the body to gain strength and integrity in these vital circadian and brain wave rhythms related to health and most importantly quality, restorative sleep. 

The c.Balance device also runs general programs daily for energy in the am and throughout the day, calming and winding down in the evening, stress and anxiety as well as the toxic effects of EMF (cellphones, Wi-Fi, computers, etc.) that influence our sleep in our busy and over stimulated western lifestyle. Both stress and EMF drain our body of vital energy at the mind and body levels and are core elements in aiding sleep quality. 

Within it’s 8 user-activated boost programs the c.Balance device offers Calm and Sleep which help prepare the body for sleep as well as calm the mind and body when waking up during the night, helping one fall back asleep faster. 

All the automatic as well as manual boost programs of the c.Balance device work over time as the body learns to resonant with these healthy PEMF programs and begins to self-correct impaired energy patterns. The scanning technology of the c.Balance offers additional sleep support as it calibrates and attunes the device to the user every 3 weeks supporting their highest energetic priorities at that time to include many elements from it's PEMF database related to sleep including stress, emotional balance, trauma, energy, pain and discomfort, EMF interference, digestion and more.   

Here  is part of a customer testimony on the c.Balance from our website. “When I started wearing the c.Balance, the first thing I noticed is that at the end of the day, around dinner time, I still had great energy. After wearing it for a few days I realized that I was getting more done and with a lot less stress. The best way I can describe it is I felt like I was ten years younger. I had better mental clarity, more physical stamina and found decisions easier to make. Oh, and the quality of sleep is incredible.” 

Please see our Blog page here, section: About PEMF and Sleep for more great information from Dr. Pawluk and Dr. Mercola on this topic.We can all make healthy changes in our daily routine to embrace sleep support and sleep hygiene so our body can truly restore on all levels at night. Let’s commit to taking better care of ourselves in 2019 one step at a time!



Written by Debbie Hart, Director of RedHealth US

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