RedHealth Wear Devices


General RedHealth Wear Device Questions

1.How often should I recharge the devices? The devices should normally last 3-4 weeks between recharging depending on use. If the boost programs are used quite a bit, you can check your battery level once a week and re charge more often, as needed. 

2.  Will other people or animals near to a person wearing a RedHealth device be affected?

The RedHealth Wear devices are designed to support harmonization of the natural biological rhythms within the body’s energetic system. In this support whether more targeted in scope and time of delivery such as the EASE and SPORT devices or the user-activated 'boost' programs of the c.Balance, PET or EQUINE devices, or more broad in the whole mind-body 24/7 scope of the c.Balance, EQUINE, and PET devices, any biological rhythms that are optimized in one being will have effects directly or indirectly in other beings in their environment. 

These effects will offer harmonization to others in close proximity, for short or longer periods of time, depending on their sensitivity, or might have more indirect effects ino those at a distance. The indirect effects will be based on the energetic changes and or behaviors in those wearing the device and how they affect those around them or in close relationship.  

3. Are there any ‘side effects’ of the devices?

The RedHealth devices work to support and boost the natural and innate, adaptive and regulatory mechanisms within the body. Any effects of the device will be harmonic and will be a natural response to these adaptations and new alignments. The body is always responding to its environment and it’s dynamic responses to the RedHealth are simply natural and dynamic shifts in the realignment and harmonization of many connected energy patterns and their associated biological rhythms within the body. For more sensitive people the c.Balance device has an Intensity Level of Low, Medium, High and Auto which can be set to low in the beginning to allow the person's system to gradually adapt to the device when needed. 

4.  Are the devices safe for people who have metal implants?

The RedHealth Wear devices operate at very low energy and frequency levels and should not feel uncomfortable, nor would they present anything unsafe, for people or animals with metal implants. 

5. Are the devices safe for pregnant women or people with pacemakers?

The RedHealth Wear devices operate at very low energy and frequency levels and should not feel uncomfortable, nor would they present anything unsafe, for people or animals. Standard cell phones and wi-fi are much stronger in frequency and hertz as well as many other common environmental exposures to EMF and other environmental toxins as well as travel. 

For liability reasons here are the precautions you should follow with any concerns and be sure to work closely with your medical professional. 

Precautions and RedHealth Device Technical Specifications

General Size (L, B, H): 37mm (1.5in), 36mm (1.4in), 8.6mm (0.3in) 

Weight: 13g (1/2 Oz) 

Battery: Built in long life std micro USB rechargeable 3 volt 

Magnetic field output: Micro Tesla rangeP

Pulse frequency: 1Hz – 100Hz 

Operating temperature: -5’c to 50’c 

RedHealth Wear devices are extremely safe; however, highly sensitive, frail, and severely ill clients require special care and consideration. It's important to note that most household as well as environmental technologies such as cell phones, wifi, computers, TV's, microwaves, etc. can create significant EMF challenges due to the strength of their emissions.

If working with or challenged by any of the following conditions please check with your licensed healthcare provider:​​ 

Pregnant women

Deep brain implants, pacemakers, and other electronic implants​ 

Organ transplants 


Undiagnosed conditions or conditions of an unknown origin, or with which you are not familiarMental disorders of a severe nature 

6. Are the devices safe for babies and children?

The RedHealth devices operate at very low energy and frequency levels and should not feel uncomfortable, nor would they present anything unsafe, for babies or children. 

7.  How does RedHealth protect against EMF (e-smog)? 

RedHealth devices provide EMF protection by delivering frequencies to the many areas of the body that are affected by EMF.  The heart and spleen are very sensitive to EMF and by supporting all 12 main Chinese meridians in the automatic background programs these elements of the body are strengthened. Additionally the c.Balance provides Earthing effects through it's delivery of the Schumann Resonance frequency as well as other general programs designed to reenergize and provide stress relief to many areas of the body. 

The RedHealth devices are about realignment and harmonization of the body's energy system which includes the body's biological rhythms. When these energy patterns and their associated biological rhythms become strong and harmonic, the stress and fatigue on the energetic system from EMF is mitigated naturally and the body becomes much stronger and more resilient to EMF as well as travel and environmental toxins, which are similar in their effects on the body.  Many systems in the body are affected by EMF so the full 24/7 intermittent and timed support of all energetic systems is optimized with the c.Balance device as well as the more moderate support of the PET and EQUINE devices.  

8. How long should I charge the devices for? 

If the battery is fully drained, a full ‘soak’ charge is 20 hrs. It’s best not to let the battery drain for optimum battery life. With normal use the battery should require overnight charging every 3 -4 weeks.  If usage is heavy, such as the c.Balance boost programs or, for example, using the EASE device more frequently, the device may need charging sooner. The battery light will blink slowly when a program or boost is activated if it's charge level is 25% or lower. The battery light will blink very fast if very low in charge. Plugging the device into power if having any problems with charge will immediately provide full power to the device. This is an easy trouble shooting step and is a good way of knowing if your device simply needs an overnight charge or full battery soak (20 hrs on a wall charger or up to 48 hours on a computer or laptop USB charging port as they can be up to 4 x lower charge speed). 

9. Are there any guidelines for how many times the boost programs can be run consecutively or in a short period of time? 

The boost programs are designed for short-term acute needs and can be run as many times, consecutively or throughout the day or night, as needed, to achieve desired results. The Sleep boost should be run before bedtime and runs 25 mins so multiple applications should be timed accordingly. If awake during the night it’s best to apply the Calm boost. 

10. What is the life expectancy of the RedHealth Wear devices under normal wear and tear? 

The RedHealth devices should be expected to last, with normal use, up to 5 years. Everyone’s environment and usage is different. Factors that influence the total life include how heavily the device's manual programs are used, regular month charging of the battery as well as the general use and care of the device in terms of water exposure, impact, or even extreme temperature exposure. The human devices are  warrantied against manufacturer's defect for 1 year and the animal devices, 6 months, due to their higher wear and tear patterns.

11. Can you use more than one device at a time? For example, if you had the c.Balance on can you also wear the SPORT watch and or the EASE device at the same time? 

 Absolutely, you can layer the devices for broader and deeper energetic support. The c.Balance is providing  3 levels of whole body-mind support which includes the 7-day automatic background program cycle, the 21-day additional 'personalized' background programs and the user-activated 'boost' programs for short-term, acute needs. 


Additionally, if you wear the SPORT watch for mental and physical performance and recovery support and or the EASE device for energetic support of pain, inflammation and tissue repair, you're giving the body additional scope and depth of targeted support. The synergy of all this PEMF support will offer increased optimization of the body's energy system and it's innate self-healing and self-regulation over time. 

12. Is there really a difference in the different devices or are they just the same technology put into different devices for different uses? For example is the EASE boost in the c.Balance the same as the EASE device? 

The EASE device is broader and deeper in it's scope than the EASE boost on the c.Balance device. The EASE device runs a 28-min comprehensive and targeted program cycle whereas the EASE boost is 18-min. Additionally, the EASE device features photon (light) therapy in it's full scope of discomfort support which is unique to that device. 

That being said many people have testified that the EASE boost of the c.Balance gave them great pain, inflammation and tissue repair support when run 1-3 times consecutively, either from the necklace or placing directly over the area of discomfort for more targeted support. For local, more comprehensive support of pain, inflammation and tissue repair you can layer the c.Balance 24/7 whole mind-body support adding the EASE device locally for those needing broader and deeper local support. 

13. Can the RedHealth USA Smart Phone App be used with multiple c.Balance devices?

Yes, one phone's RedHealth USA Smart Phone App can be used with as many RedHealth devices as needed. Each time it is used it will find any and all devices that are BLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) activated at that time and display them on the front screen of the RedHealth App.

14. With a fairly advanced chemotherapy patient would the RedHealth offer any significant support? 

We can't make any medical claims obviously, but yes, definitely, the comprehensive yet gentle 24/7 whole body-mind energetic support of the c.Balance can offer quite a bit of energetic uplift at the physical, mental, emotional and potentially spiritual level over time. What the person's body is able to do with that support will be up to it's current strength and energetic state. It might offer enough energetic shift to offer more hope, which, in and of itself is a self-perpetuating, positive energy cycle. The body is an amazing self-healing and self-regulating organism. When offered comprehensive but gentle PEMF and adaptive resonant energy support many positive potentials in areas of overall wellbeing can be experienced in cases like this. 

15. Is the number that comes up on the RedHealth App an identification for that specific device? 

Yes, that is an identification number that is pre-determined and hard coded inside the device and uniquely identifies it much like a serial number. This id number is used by the App to identify which device to update from the Status/Functions Screen of the App. 

16.  Can you provide a standard USB wall charger with the device for traveling or for use w/o a computer USB cable?  

Due to potential fire liabilities that can happen with wall chargers, RedHealth would like to recommend that customers use a standard micro USB charger such as a  std micro USB block wall charger or a std micro USB charging port.

c.Balance - All models: c.Balance-c.Balance PET-c.Balance EQUINE 

1. How do I know the c.Balance device is running if there are no lights on? 

Once the device is powered on, the c.Balance device yellow activation light will pulse on and off once a minute to let the user know the device is working. This light will also come on when an automatic background program is running, to include the personalized programs or when the user has activated a boost program. 

You can always check the battery level using the RedHealth App on the c.Balance 1-button (or by pressing the left button once and releasing on the 2-button model), which will also validate that the device is powered on. Running a user-activated boost program will also validate that the device is running. 

2. How do I know when my c.Balance personalization has expired if I haven’t written it on calendar? 

The RedHealth USA App will always track the status of your personalization. It will show this status in the area titled 'Last Personalized' which reflects the date of the last personalization. For the 2-button model you can press the left button once to check the battery level and if the central yellow activation light begins blinking that indicates that the personalization has expired. 

3. What if I am unable to run the c.Balance personalization? The personalization feature will not work is if the clock has not been set or the clock has stopped working because the battery has lost power and has gone into hibernation mode. Either way, charge the device, if needed, and then reset the clock. 

For the 1-button c.Balance you can automatically sync the clock with your phone using the RedHealth USA App.


For the 2-button c.Balance you can reset the clock, at midday, to 12:00 noon very easily by pressing the left button consecutively twice and on the second press HOLD down the button until the HR, AM, and PM lights on the face of the device flash 3 times, then release the button. You can double check that the clock is set properly after setting the time by pressing the left button consecutively twice where the TIME light will display and the HR light will blink for the current hour while the AM or PM light displays accordingly. For example, 2pm would display as the HR light blinking twice while the PM light is on. 

*If you want to set the clock to a specific time of day on the 2-button c.Balance please refer to the online User Guide on the website, under Menu, Support, User Guides and Operating-Training Videos, 2-button c.Balance User Guide, section 'Setting the Time To Any Hour'. If you don't have your private customer access code please use the Live Chat/Help Desk and our team will provide that to you once you are verified as a customer. Once the clock has been set, the personalization process should work fine. It's important to read your Guides so as to familiarize yourself with the full usage of the devices to get the most benefit our of your c.Balance. 

 4. If I or my animals are sensitive do you have any recommendations for use of the c.Balance device? For sensitive people or animals, getting used to the automatic background programs gradually over the first 1-2 weeks might be prudent before personalizing. During this time the manual boost programs may also be used for any short term, acute needs. If very sensitive, once the device is powered on, you might wear the device during the day only for the first week, then during the day and night in the second week. Then, if feeling well, wear the device 24/7 and use the boost programs for a couple weeks before personalizing the device.Initially, you may want to set the Intensity Level to Low in the RedHealth App, gradually building up every couple weeks to Medium and then Auto. High is only recommended for short periods where stronger support is needed for acute, short term energy needs.Most animals are considered energetically sensitive. 

If you’re working with a 2-button c.Balance for animals, allow them a few weeks of getting used to the automatic 7-day background programs and manual boost programs before running the personalization.Because the Intensity cannot be set to low on the c.Balance PET/EQUINE 2-button devices, you can opt to personalize every week for a few weeks (Day 8), then bi-weekly (Day 15) for a few weeks, then allowing the personalization to run the full 3 weeks. This will basically equate to setting the Intensity to Low, allowing the personalization to gradually go deeper into the energy system over time. 

It is always recommended to adjust based on your responses until your energetic system is stronger over time. That is, don’t go so much by the rules but more the way your body responds as everyone is very unique. Through the dynamics of coming into alignment we need to pay attention to how we are doing individually as there are no hard fast rules in energy medicine. The person’s or animal's response is the best rule of thumb in making adjustments. The general recommendations above, if followed, will normally serve as great guidelines for making adjustments for sensitivity until the body's energy system gains more strength over time. 

5. Does the personalization really customize programs for my body's needs? 

Yes, the personalization process scans your energy field and then calibrates and schedules an additional set of custom background programs, from the database in your device, based on your highest energetic needs at that time. It adds these custom programs to the existing automatic 7-day background program cycle for broader and deeper energetic system alignment and harmonization. These additional background programs are tiered over 3 weeks based on the body's preferred sequence of healing; Each week of the automatic 3-week personalized set of background programs goes deeper into the energetic system. 

6. Is the Circadian Rhythm and Chinese Meridian-Body Clock Support the same thing? 

Yes, the 24/7 Chinese Meridians, which have a built in body clock and support all the circadian rhythms of the body are different terms but both are referring to the cycle of biological rhythms in the body that govern all the processes our body goes through each day and night. 

Here is more information from the c.Balance Page - Level 1 Support on the comprehensive, energetic support of the body's circadian rhythms: 

The c.Balance device emits intelligent arrays of energy patterns (PEMF) that are optimally-timed and targeted throughout the day and night to comprehensively support the rhythms of your body's energy system 24/7. Each day the body’s activities go through a natural process of change and many of its rhythmical activities are tied into a 24-hour cycle. Many health conditions can arise when these natural daily rhythms are disturbed.Built into the c.Balance device is a clock and by knowing the time the device determines which meridian should be most active and PEMF programs to aid this synchronization. Also, throughout the day the brain wave patterns alternate between Alpha (rest), Beta (active), Delta (deep sleep) and Theta (sleep).At a general level in the morning the body reinvigorates itself ready for the day and at night it prepares for sleep. Using the built-in clock, the frequency of the magnetic pulses (PEMF) are tuned and timed to correspond to these natural frequencies and rhythms including Earthing and the Schumann frequency.EMF (e-smog), Environmental Toxins and Travel cause energetic stress and fatigue. In our high-tech world we lose contact with the Earth and become ungrounded. The c.Balance device runs 7-day automatic background program cycles to generally aid the body's innate mechanisms in supporting these states through optimizing their energetic balance and alignment. 

You can read more on the website about biological rhythms under How Does It Work? to include information on how the Chinese Acupuncture meridians aspect of the RedHealth devices support our circadian rhythms. 

7. Does the c.Balance know when to wake me up? 

The full Circadian Rhythm support of the c.Balance by the 24-hr Chinese Meridians/Body Clock programs as well as some additional general programs, mentioned above in the Automatic 7-Day support, offer energetic alignment to our body with the Earth's rhythms. Biological rhythms, of which there are a few, including Circadian as well as Lunar and Seasonal Rhythms, is an inherent connotation of “harmony between human and nature”, one of the thoughts in TCM. In this respect, we begin to attune to these natural and healthy rhythms, of which sleep and wake patterns are foundational. 

So in essence, by becoming attuned to these natural Earth rhythms over time, our sleep and wake cycles will reflect this alignment and may thereby perfectly coincide with one of the aligned programs on the device as we are waking up. It's not the program itself waking us up but instead our body's energy system aligning with the Earth's rhythms and the natural Chinese Meridian support and timing within the device.

8. Can the c.Balance device be shared with other people? 

Absolutely, you will simply want to power down the device, then power it back up, and then personalize it to that individual. Because the personalized programs last for a full 21 days it's best to give it at least one full personalization cycle before transferring to another person. Of course the manual user activated boost programs of Calm, Sleep, Ease, or PRGx-which can be set in the App to 

EASE Model

1. With the EASE device, is it important to place it face down and does that mean that the side containing the button and functions should be facing the body?  

Yes, for optimum support of all energy programs, including the photon (light) therapy, that is unique to the EASE device, it's designed to be placed or strapped (with velcro straps included with device) face down on the body. It can go over clothing anywhere on the body too as PEMF penetrates clothing, bandages, casts, etc.. in it's delivery to the body.

2. Can the EASE device be used by other members of the family and or animals? 

Yes, absolutely. The EASE 28-min program offers broad and deep support for any kind of discomfort, pain, inflammation or tissue repair. It's PEMF 3 program cycle support should be felt within 30 mins but can always be run a 2nd or 3rd time for more acute needs and until desired results have been achieved.