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Let RedHealth wearable well-being  devices support your horse's balance 24/7. Experience all the benefits of it's revolutionary PEMF and resonant energy wearable technology today!

The RedHealth EQUINE model is designed specifically for the needs of horses.

RedHealth EQUINE's programs are designed to aid the body's innate mechanisms in supporting: easing of stress and anxiety, calming fears, lifting depression, supporting fatigue from environmental toxins, EMF and travel, an enhanced sense of purpose, enjoying life without fear, panic, loss of control, relaxation and enhancing general energy and well-being. Simply power on and EQUINE is ready to go!

  • Contains an array of automated programs that run intermittently throughout the day and night in a 7-day cycle; Each day's programs are rotated and contain a variety of programs for optimally timed and tuned well-being support. 
  • Features an optional, user-activated,  ‘Boost’ program of CALM that can be used for 15 mins of additional short-term, acute calming support.
  • The EQUINE device is designed to be close to the animals body 24/7. It comes standardly in a Captured Strap Case and can be mounted on a break-away neck collar or halter, when not in work, to support the horse's optimum energy and well-being balance every day and night. 
  • RedHealth has partnered with The Distance Depot Company for the perfect mount for your horses' RedHealth EQUINE device.
    • They offer 2 beautiful products, a custom 100-lb breakaway Beta Biothane neck collar and or halter for maximizing fit, comfort and ease of cleaning. 
    • These can be safely and comfortably worn 24/7, when not in work, allowing your horse to enjoy the round the clock intermittent and gentle support of their RedHealth EQUINE device whether in the barn or out in the pasture or paddock.
  • EQUINE can be taken off while riding and or grooming without loss of support as the programs run intermittently 24/7.  Because it's recommended to take the device off once in while for a couple days so the body can learn to maintain it's new balance, the time off during recharging, work, or other activities is actually a healthy break.
  • All RedHealth devices are environmentally sealed and are water and impact resistant and std micro USB rechargeable. They should only need recharging every 3-4 weeks.
  • EQUINE comes with a 6-month manufacturer's warranty. 

Please click on the links below to purchase or read more about the customized Beta-Biothane Neck Collar and Halter's, the perfect mount for the RedHealth EQUINE or c.Balance EQUINE devices. 

The Distance Depot Biothane 100-lb Leather Breakaway Equine Neck Collar


The Distance Depot Biothane 100-lb Leather Breakaway Equine Halter



RedHealth products do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. If you have any medical concern or condition consult an appropriate health care provider. The RedHealth products have not been evaluated, approved or cleared by the FDA or any state regulatory organization and therefore are for personal experimentation, educational and trial-use only. 


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